Off the beaten tracks

On your own, with this book in your pocket.

In the distance the village of Males

Off the beaten tracks.

Walking through the most deserted plain fields, as shown in the photo. With our book in hand, you can the walks perform independently. Follow the instructions in the text, the situation maps and the relevant images. The routes varies. You walk through the hills in the wine regions or you walk higher in the mountains plateaus. There are some trips where you are between rocks and where you must climb. Follow the markers, such as the blue dots and the landmarks. The tracks are precisely written and are updated regularly.

Departure in the morning.

First, you have to start with an easy walk. Get used to the climate. Rather do not go alone. Tell to someone who remains on location that you are leaving and where you are going. Depart not later than 1000 in the morning, and try to be before 1300 hours on the highest point of the whole track. Then you save the hottest part of the day for the descent. For walks longer than 5 hours, you have to leave really early. Take your start time and end time. Then you know what you're doing. Log out when you're back.

Before departure

  • Water.
  • Route description.
  • Compass or GPS.
  • Phones.
  • Rainwindjacket.
  • First aid set.
  • Flute and knife.

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