Along the coasts

Along the rough shores.

The Lybian Sea with Fritz

Enjoy the sandy beaches or scramble over the rocky coastline.

Along the coasts. Enjoy the sandy beaches and climb over the rocks. There are in the book walks where you walk close to the sea. Many places invite you to take a swim and enjoy your self brought pick nick basket. View in advance in the book or on the map exactly where you're going. There are variants where you go high above, overlooking the sea. You can also take a walk down along the sea, at sea level. Also combinations are possible. Most gorges ending up in sea.

The Chochlakis gorge is

a short gap that ends up in a beautiful small bay. It is very loved by the Cretans as day tour on Sunday. In the early season and in the late season it will remain quiet on the beach. You can extend this walk. Look in the book how to change this short walk a tuff mountain track. You walk through the mountains up over centuries old monopadi, donkey paths in English. You come up the remains of a large settlement. It is a ruin with parts of the long walls and antique water wells. Here above you can have a nice pause. Around this mountain you can see the sea around in the deep distance. Then you descend on the north side where another beach is waiting for you.

The beaches and bays.

  • Irini Bay.
  • Moni Kapsa.
  • Karamous.
  • Kato Zakros.
  • Megalo Paralia.
  • Richtis Bay.
  • Tholos.

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Bookshop in Agios Nikolaos opposit of the postoffice.
Bookshop Eklektos Papandreoustreet 40 in Elounda.
Hotel Villa Mertiza in Mirtos.
White River Cottages in Makrigialos.

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