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Author of this book

Peter Dijkstra is often on Crete.

His love goes out to the tranquillity that this part of the island exudes.

Since 1995, from his base, the best bay, 10 km east of Ierapetra he made with his friends and guests many experimental walks. After when the routes were clearly enough, he wrote them up and stored them. He described the tracks in detail for the next holidays walkers to enjoy what he had discovered. Later, he used a GPS device, and, more later, he used Google Earth to help in the preparations. All walks today are marked with blue round dots. The walks are easy to find even without a GPS device.

Peter Dijkstra close up
Peter Dijkstra

Peter Dijkstra is a passionate hiker who in the course of the years, made already hundreds of kilometres on foot over this island. The tours, which Peter regularly with friends or in the company of guests, he has mapped out, described, illustrated with beautiful photos and compiled in this book.

The routes described come in various lengths, are easily or for more experienced hikers and carry along the coast and to higher view points with panoramic views. There may also be chosen for a more heavy walk through one of the many inhospitable gorges that Crete is rich and which guarantee a unique introduction to the unspoiled nature. Most walks are circular walks. This means that the starting point is also the end point.

Who is on holiday in Crete and want to see or know more of this great, natural island has with this booklet a useful guide in his hands. Apart from the detailed descriptions in this booklet you will find a number of useful tips. We wish you many hiking fun on the beautiful and surprising island of Crete, Greece.

" I'm happy" . .

. . . if I can help nature lovers on all these beautiful places to come.

" So we keep the life together in balance. I wish you many hiking pleasure. Greetings Peter. "


  • Independent.
  • Nature, peace.
  • Drive.
  • Clear.
  • Alternatives.
  • Challenges.
  • Never finished.
  • Good food.

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