Brief explanation gps

Brief explanation gps

Gps is a Global Positioning System. Mini course.

Dealing with gps device. Mini course. Suppose your orientation is not that good. You make a walk through the forest. For example, you drive with your car to a forest. The point where you park your car you mark in your GPS. Press the little button: make waypoint: 001? Yes! You walk into the forest. You turn right. Make: waypoint 002? Yes! You walk on. Close to a high fat tree mark your: waypoint 003? Yes! You walk further. At the picnic table you take a rest. Make: waypoint 004? Yes! At each waypoint number you make a note of what you see. Back: when you want to go back to your car, you search in your device waypoint 003 in the table and choose - go to -. Waypoint 003 is now your target. Follow the arrow, repeat this up to your car! 001. A child can do the laundry!


You can download an app on your smartphone.

Just a regular gps device is easy to handle. What matters is that you know where you are and where to go.

You always know your position with a GPS device.

The satellites above defines your position on earth. This navigator works on donkey paths and even in the field where no paths are.

In the book you'll find

  • Mini course GPS.
  • Northern widths.
  • Eastern lengths.
  • Distance through the air.
  • Altitude measurement.
  • Arrow points to the target.
  • Average speed.

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