Mountain walks

Gorges and mountains in the East

Most gorges begin in the Highlands.

Tectonic activity. Broken mountains from above. The created gap runs downwards to the sea. This happened two hundred million years ago. Most gorges run from north to south or vice versa. Many gorges are really impassable because of excessive kinds of vegetation or too high dangerous walls. Often you can walk upto have way, but there you get stuck. These unbridgeable steep walls can only be done by, or under the guidance of experienced mountaineers.

forest walk
The walk in the woods above the gorge near Metaxochori.

In this book are only accessible gorges. We do the easy alternatives. Sometimes they are still spicy, in terms of climbing or descending. All these gorge walks are circular walks.

Hills, mountains.

The landscape is very varied. There is a variety in soil. Ranging from rough rocks to lovely covered rolling valleys. The hills and the mountains looks a lot like these in central Europe. There are many rugged rock formations. We walk in the Tripti Oros and the Dikti Oros, but also above, on the Katharo plateau. The tranquillity is overwhelming and seems infinite. A beautiful easy hill walk from the book is for example one in the wine region at Sitia. When you finished the track, here you will find under a tree the tavern on the village square. The food is perfect onto the last detail.

In the book you will find,

  • Mountain walks.
  • Gorge walks.
  • Coast walks.
  • Combinations.

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